1.I would like to show my appreciation for the magnificent treatment and assistance I have received from Dr Maniyar.I was suffering from a disabling illness, which completely restricted my life style. I went from a active Firefighter to being totally bed bound, with a awful thing called cluster headaches. Dr Maniyar persevered with different medicines, and new technologies until the right medicine was found to work. He is certainly up with all current methods and thinking, and would recommend him very strongly.The past 8 months have certainly been a roller coaster but with his kindness and caring mannerism, and his brilliance, he has managed to get this illness under control, which I doubted would ever happen at times.Dr Maniyar was open to any suggestions I put forward in regard to my health care, and always listened to how certain medications were effecting me. -SM, patient with cluster headache

2.I had these awful headaches for 3 years and saw several doctors. Dr Maniyar made the right diagnosis and gave me the correct medications and after some adjustments, my headaches are significantly better. I feel like I have got my life back.-CH, patient with cluster headache

3.I have Multiple Sclerosis and was having headaches on regular basis. I am intolerant to many medications. Dr Maniyar therefore issued me the portable VNS device which has been very helpful without any side-effects. -Patient with Migraine and Multilple Sclerosis

4.Botox has changed my life.-Patient with Chronic Migraine who had failed several preventive medications

5.I was sceptical at first. My first Botox injections were not so useful but I was informed that botox can take time. After the second and third botox set of injections, I have hardly had any headaches -Patient with Chronic Migraine who responded after the second session of botox

6.I have a rare condition called occipital neuralgia. This was not diagnosed despite several visits to doctors until I saw Dr Maniyar. He promptly made the correct diagnosis and gave me greater occipital nerve blocks (injections at the back of the head) which have been completely effective. I have these on 3-4 monthly basis and these treat the pain very effectively. Thank you. -SW, Patient with bilateral occipital neuralgia

7.Dr Maniyar issued the TMS device for me that has been a life-changer. I use this regularly without any side-effects. My headaches still continue but they are so much more manageable. -SM, patient with chronic migraine

8.You are the first doctor I have met who has given me a logical explanation for visual snow. -CR, patient with Visual snow


To make an appointment for a private consultation with Dr Maniyar, Please call at the following numbers depending on your desired hospital –

1. City of London Medical Center, Tower Hill (London Bridge Hospital branch) – +44(0)20 7234 2009

2. The London Independent Hospital (BMI), Stepney Green, London – 020 7780 2400

3. The Nuffield Brentwood Hospital, Essex – 01277 695695

Alternatively, you can call Dr Maniyar’s secretary on 07594 994675 to discuss the consultation, rates, conditions etc. Please leave a message if the phone is not answered straightaway and somebody will contact you on the same day. You can also email at jaymie.lawrence@btuh.nhs.uk or contact Dr Maniyar directly at farooq.maniyar@btuh.nhs.uk