Newer Treatment Opions

Newer Treatment Options for Headache (non-pharmacological)

Many patients do not tolerate oral medications. If you are a frequent headache sufferer, you may have tried medications like amitriptyline, topiramate, propranolol etc. and may have experienced side-effects that put you off them. Fortunately, there are promising options for those who are intolerant to oral medications. Please continue reading…

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – TMS is a portable device that patients can use at home. TMS delivers a magnetic stimulation at the back of the head. This has been found effective as treatment for acute migraine headache1. Dr Maniyar recently presented the results of regular use (as a preventive) of TMS in Medication Overuse Headache (all patients also had migraine) in the International Headache Society meeting in Valencia, Spain 20152. TMS was found to be effective. TMS is considered safe to use3. A small study showed it is also safe to use in pregnancy. NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which is the body that approves and monitors the use of medical and interventional treatments in the UK has approved the use of TMS in selected patients by a headache specialist. If you are an appropriate patient, your headache specialist can consider this for you. Please visit this for further information. Dr Maniyar has treated several patients with TMS and is well experienced with TMS


Vagal Nerve Stimulation i.e. VNS (Portable) – VNS is a small portable device that patients can use at home. The device is held in the neck region to electrically stimulate a nerve (vagus nerve) and the effect is transferred to key areas in brain that are important for pain control. VNS has been found to be useful in Cluster Headache in small studies without causing any significant side-effects4. It can be also useful in migraine although further studies are underway. Dr Maniyar is participating in a study in episodic migraine at Basildon hospital, Essex


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3. Transcranial magnetic stimulation for migraine: a safety review. Dodick DW, Schembri CT, Helmuth M, Aurora SK. Headache. 2010 Jul;50(7):1153-63


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