Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache causes one of the most painful conditions known to humans. It is surprisingly less well-known amongst the general public and the medical profession considering the disability and profound pain it causes.

Cluster Headache causes severe pain around the eye associated with watering or redness of the eye. Some patients notice drooping or swelling of the eye. The nostril on the same side as pain frequently gets blocked or watery. Typically, patients feel very restless and pace or rock. Even without treatment the attacks subside after 30 minutes – 3 hours

It is called cluster headache since the attacks occur in cluster which usually lasts about 6 weeks but can be longer in some patients. Some patients unfortunately continue to have the attacks without a break. This is called chronic cluster headache

There are several good options for treating cluster headache. These include acute options like injections and preventive medications. Nerve block injections can be very useful. Some patients derive benefit from a portable device i.e. non-invasive vagal nerve stimulator (VNS). For the most refractory patients, operative options also exist.


I would like to show my appreciation for the magnificent treatment and assistance I have received from Dr Maniyar.I was suffering from a disabling illness, which completely restricted my life style. I went from a active Firefighter to being totally bed bound, with a awful thing called cluster headaches. Dr Maniyar persevered with different medicines, and new technologies until the right medicine was found to work. He is certainly up with all current methods and thinking, and would recommend him very strongly.The past 8 months have certainly been a roller coaster but with his kindness and caring mannerism, and his brilliance, he has managed to get this illness under control, which I doubted would ever happen at times.Dr Maniyar was open to any suggestions I put forward in regard to my health care, and always listened to how certain medications were effecting me. I can’t thank this Doctor enough for giving me my life back again
-SM, patient with cluster headache

I had these awful headaches for 3 years and saw several doctors. Dr Maniyar made the right diagnosis and gave me the correct medications and after some adjustments, my headaches are significantly better. I feel like I have got my life back
-CH, patient with cluster headache


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